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At South Tulsa Smiles, our goal is to provide the best dental treatment paired with the most relaxing environment for our Tulsa patients. We accomplish this through our expert dental hygienists and other staff, and our dentist, Dr. Londel Fields, DDS. Dr. Fields initially received a degree in engineering from Oklahoma State University and then worked for Lockheed Martin Astronautics in Denver and Boeing in Tulsa. After an experience dealing with his own dental needs, Dr. Fields decided to go back to school to become a dentist and fill a gap in dental services in the community. Dr. Fields and his wife Melanie and their two daughters live close to the office and are active in their community.


Dr. Fields has spent the last several years in the Tulsa community and surrounding areas providing exceptional dental care. His own dental experiences fueled him to become a dentist, and he aims to provide the best and most strategic service to patients. You can expect an empathetic dentist when you visit Dr. Fields’ office. He has encouraged many patients that have overcome their fear of dentistry. Dr. Fields believes that the dentist’s office shouldn’t be stressful or cold, and his patients have benefitted greatly from this outlook. Dr. Fields looks forward to getting to know you and caring for you and your family for years to come, as well as the rest of your South Tulsa Smiles team.

Safe Sedation

Many dentists offer sedation dentistry these days, but we give you a choice. Whether or not you want sedation during treatment is up to you because we believe that you know yourself best. You can rest assured that you’ll feel good before, during, and after your procedures (but on your terms). South Tulsa Smiles, unlike other dentists, offers both Oral & IV Sedation. As an extra layer of safety, his entire staff is Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certified. Our South Tulsa Smiles team ensures you are in a safe environment that’s fully prepared for emergencies.

Solutions for Challenging Cases

Have you gotten your teeth messed up before? Or do you experience pain at the dentist’s office? Dr. Fields started his clinic for you because he believes in finding holistic solutions to your dental needs. Your dental health is more than just how your smile looks. It’s also paramount to your overall well-being. Dr. Fields is focused on your overall health, as well as your beautiful smile. He and the team will find the best way to treat your symptoms and the root problem to get to the bottom of your challenging case. They won’t just choose the most comfortable or most expensive fix; they will find the best solution out there. South Tulsa Smiles is a trustworthy dentist, and they won’t leave you in the dark about your dental health. Dr. Fields prioritizes you as a person, so you’ll know what’s happening in the exam chair.

Less Invasive Surgery Techniques

Dr. Fields offers the latest strategies in low or non-invasive procedures for your teeth and gums. South Tulsa Smiles is the leading dentist in Tulsa, especially when finding your teeth’ best solution. He won’t just continue with the same dental practices that have always been done. Instead, the team of South Tulsa Smiles continues to stay on top of new dental science and resources so that your treatment is never outdated.


Dental technologies and procedures are always improving. Our team is at the forefront of learning, training, and becoming certified in new techniques that are more precise, more comfortable, and convenient.

Special Needs Patients

One of our unique specialties is treating patients with Alzheimer’s, Asperger’s, Down Syndrome, or other challenges. Our comfortable and friendly office is ideal for patients who would typically be unable or unwilling to address their essential dental health issues.

Nerve Treatments

Are you experiencing excruciating pain or other challenging nerve problems with your dental health? Finding solutions and treating patients with dental nerve troubles is a specialty of Dr. Fields to serve the Tulsa community better. Give us a call today to book your appointment with Dr. Fields so that he and our team of staff can aid in fixing your nerve problems in the best, most comfortable way.

SureSmile® Alignment

South Tulsa Smiles offers SureSmile® Alignment, a clinically superior teeth straightening option using clear aligners. You can get straighter teeth more easily with SureSmile® aligners, overseen by Dr. Fields.

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What Makes Us Different

– Sedation or no sedation? It’s your choice.

– We focus on minimally invasive dental techniques.

– Experience a gentle, spa-like dental cleaning.


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