Crowns or Veneers…Which Option is Best for Overall Dental Health

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Crowns or Veneers…Which Option is Best for Overall Dental Health

Everyone wants that perfect smile, right? Dr. Field in Tulsa, Oklahoma has over 40-years of experience helping his patients have to most perfect smile possible.

Cosmetic dentistry is a great avenue and can help you have the smile of your dreams. When it comes to choices, and whether to choose Veneers or Crowns for your teeth, Dr. Fields will often recommend Veneers. And, here’s why…Veneers cover only the front of your tooth so it’s less invasive. A crown requires removing part of the tooth.

Dr. Fields will often say, “The best dentistry I can provide for your teeth is no dentistry at all!” What he means by that is, the best option for your teeth is to have the least amount of work done and protect your “real” healthy tooth. But sometimes, work simply can’t be avoided. When faced with the choice of a Veneer or a Crown…he recommends the least invasive Veneer. And, if performed properly, the veneer will not weaken the tooth structure or increase the chance of causing the tooth pulp to die.

Veneers can be made using porcelain, which is the most life-like of available materials, or stronger E-max or Feldspathic materials. Most veneers are only about 1mm thick versus 2mm for a crown. Veneers can be more aesthetically pleasing because they don’t show gum margin after several years like crowns can do over time. Teeth with veneers have more of the healthy tooth left and have minimal movement.

Your dental health is more than just how your smile looks. It’s also paramount to your overall well-being. Let Dr. Field in Tulsa, Oklahoma help you with the decision that is best for your teeth and overall gum health. Dr. Fields will be happy to assist in helping you make the decision that is right for you. Call Dr. Fields office today to schedule a consultation. As a patient of Dr. Field, you will see and feel the difference that over 40-years of experience makes.

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