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Looking for Dental Implants in Tulsa? Are you missing teeth? Do you struggle with your smile? Or maybe you have challenging dentures that make it hard to go out and conduct your everyday life?

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Dental Implants in Tulsa

South Tulsa Smiles offers leading dental care in Tulsa and surrounding areas, including receiving dental implants. A dental implant replaces a tooth that’s missing. This implant is inserted into the bone and left to osseointegrate with the patient’s bone (naturally). Ideal candidates for an implant will have good general dental and overall health and healthy gum tissue and bone to support the implant. Dental implants are one of the only dental processes that preserve and stimulates bone growth. It’s a prevalent practice, and our team at South Tulsa Smiles are experts at inserting dental implants that will restore your smile.

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Many patients who have lost teeth, including new or seasoned denture wearers, choose dental implants to restore their smile and improve their overall quality of life. When you visit South Tulsa Smiles, Dr. Fields will determine the best route for your dental and overall health. The best course of action may be dental implants, and if so, you can expect Dr. Fields to fully explain the process, the pros, and the cons. However, dental implants are popular for a reason. They tend to help with the following in patients:

  • Stop or reduce bone loss that missing teeth tend to cause
  • Restore smiles to before teeth were missing
  • More easily eat without worrying about slipping dentures
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The Process

Our team at South Tulsa Smiles will use state-of-the-art technology to create the best plan for your dental health.

You will receive a custom care plan, and Dr. Fields will work with you to find the perfect implant for your teeth, jaw, and mouth.

You'll get a temporary crown or implant if we need to wait to update your smile.

Once your jaw is ready, our team will create a model to ensure your implant is the perfect fit and color.

We'll then insert the implants so that you can continue to have a full set of stunning teeth and a healthy mouth.

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We use the newest laser technology, digital xrays, digital impressions (no goop), and Cone Beam (CT) for precise implant placement.
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Our main services: Implants, Oral-IV Sedation, Complete Cosmetic Dentistry, SureSmile®, Spa-Like Cleanings, Nerve Treatment
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An Excellent Option

Dental implants are an excellent way to correct and fill any missing teeth. When you break a tooth because of a fall or other situation, it can seem like a terrible, terrible thing, and panic might set in. But rest assured that South Tulsa Smiles can fix your smile so that it’s just as beautiful as before and your jawline won’t suffer. Be sure to call us immediately if you break or lose a tooth. These situations are often emergencies, so you can also check out our emergency page if you have just damaged a tooth due to a fall or other mishap. Please don’t panic, but call South Tulsa Smiles so we can take care of you and your smile.

Today’s technology allows our South Tulsa Smiles dental implant specialist to effectively replace a single tooth or even a whole mouth full of teeth! A single crown may be attached to an implant, or an implant bridge or dentures can be attached to multiple teeth. Dr. Fields and his team provide up-to-date services rather than using an outdated dental implant process. At South Tulsa smiles, our team will offer a healthier way to insert implants into your mouth to ensure your smile’s health and beauty. Our updated methods ensure you receive the best dental care when it comes to receiving implants in Tulsa. From one fixed implant to a full fixed arch of implants, our team of experts ensures that your teeth receive the treatment they need.


Dental implants are an investment in your dental health. They can improve and maintain the shape of your jaw bone and facial structure and ensure the overall comfort and reliance in your eating, smiling, interacting, and the quality of your life. Implants are a worthy investment for most patients, and South Tulsa Smiles offers affordable care paired with a deluxe environment.

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