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If you are experiencing terrible tooth pain and your tooth is infected, most dentists would inform you that a root canal is the next step. However, at South Tulsa Smiles, we believe in exploring every option to ensure you get the best treatment and not just the usual treatment. Our dentist and team here at South Tulsa Smiles believes in using up-to-date practices rather than more outdated approaches, and he and the team will strategically consider your mouth, teeth, and the best route to take for your inflamed tooth. There are several other options to consider before an invasive root canal needs to happen. South Tulsa Smiles offers innovative care that will always consider your preferences and the most cutting-edge technology to solve your dental nerve problem. If you are feeling extreme pain in your mouth, please give us a call immediately. The sooner we address the problem, the easier it will be to correct or prevent any severe issues. Don’t hesitate to call our team!

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Nerve Treatment

Dental nerve treatment is an option we will consider before invasive surgeries like a tooth extraction, in which we would be removing your entire tooth and its root. Although root canals and other endodontic procedures may be necessary, we will explore all options to find the best one for you and your teeth. Here are a few less-invasive ways to treat your dental nerves.


Often, those who don’t want a root canal will receive a tooth extraction instead. Once the inflamed tooth has been removed, we will replace it with one of our high-quality bridges, implant, or another excellent replacement. However, extraction is also a more invasive procedure that we will try to avoid. Instead, our team will do everything we can to preserve the natural tooth.

Food Choices

What you eat can seriously affect the health of your teeth. Occasionally, changing your lifestyle to include much healthier food and regular dental care can significantly impact your gums and teeth’ health. This process often involves eliminating all processed sugars from the diet, including more high-quality protein, and avoiding grain products in your diet. A healthier lifestyle is always a better choice for your overall health, including dental health. Although eating healthier won’t fix a crack in your tooth, it can improve your dental nerves.

Calcium Hydroxide

Like ozone, we can use calcium hydroxide to rinse the teeth’s canals to stave off infection and clean out inflammation. Calcium hydroxide is an alkaline material that is instrumental in keeping further infection away and killing bacteria. Licensed dental professionals should only handle calcium hydroxide. We will be able to apply this substance effectively and, hopefully, save your natural tooth.

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Nerve Treatment

At South Tulsa Smiles, we will explore these options and several others before deciding on conducting an invasive surgery on your mouth. Dental nerve treatments can help aid in pain reduction and bacteria removal.

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Root Canals

A root canal treatment is a standard treatment when a tooth is seriously infected or damaged. This tooth will need to be removed for us to repair any damage. The type of damage that might necessitate a root canal is usually from a cracked tooth, enamel decay, or other severe trauma. A root canal is an in-depth process that includes several steps. First, we will take X-rays, followed by removing the damaged pulp in the infected tooth. The inside of the tooth then undergoes a process of cleaning and disinfection before the tooth is removed. To avoid needing a root canal, adopt a healthy lifestyle of eating clean foods, cutting out sugar, and maintaining a regular dental hygiene routine. This routine will include both daily care and regular checkups with our South Tulsa Smiles team. If we can monitor and correct any inflammation, a root canal will most likely not be needed.

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Our team at South Tulsa Smiles is dedicated to finding the best solution for your overall dental health. We understand how painful a damaged tooth and its nerves can be. Our dental nerve treatments allow our clients to maintain their natural teeth without pain or trouble chewing.

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