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Many dentists offer sedation dentistry these days, but at South Tulsa Smiles, you can choose whether or not you want sedation during treatment. You can rest assured that you’ll feel good before, during, and after your procedures (but on your terms).


Our goal is to provide the most stress-free dentistry available in Tulsa. South Tulsa Smiles is growing and changing with our city. We’re excited to offer our existing and new clients a beautiful and spa-like environment because going to the dentist’s office doesn’t have to be challenging.

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Meet Your Tulsa Dentist:
Dr. Londel Fields

Dr. Fields has a unique goal: to provide the most stress-free dentistry available in Tulsa. South Tulsa Smiles is growing and changing with our city, and we’re excited to offer our existing and new clients a beautiful spa-like environment. Because going to the dentist’s office doesn’t have to be a challenging endeavor.


With a degree in engineering from Oklahoma State University, Dr. Fields worked for Lockheed Martin Astronautics in Denver and at Boeing in Tulsa. After a problematic dental experience, Dr. Fields returned to school to become a dentist to better care for his community and its vast dental needs.

What Are Common South Tulsa Sedation Levels?

  • Minimal level: This sedation level ensures patients are awake and able to communicate with our team. This is often localized sedation so that pain isn’t felt wherever the operation is centralized.
  • Moderate level: This sedation level causes patients to be drowsy and only aware of direct communication or commands.
  • Deep Sedation: Most deep sedation ensures you are asleep and most likely won’t remember the procedure process.

Multiple South Tulsa Sedation Options

Unlike other dentists, South Tulsa Smiles offers both oral & IV sedation to best serve our Tulsa community and reduce pain. We believe in ensuring our patients feel the most comfortable. Whether that means you chose sedation or not, we will be fully prepared to ensure you receive stress-free treatment. As an extra layer of safety, his entire staff is Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certified. Our South Tulsa Smiles team ensures you are in a safe environment that’s fully prepared for emergencies.

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South Tulsa Deep Sedation, Safely & Effectively

Sedation dentistry is rising in popularity, particularly as a means for people who fear the dentist to receive treatment. At South Tulsa Smiles, we offer IV sedation dentistry that ensures a deep sedation level safely and effectively. IV sedation is a very safe option for dental procedure sedation since anti-sedation drugs can easily be administered through the IV. South Tulsa Smiles is one of the only dentists in the area to offer IV sedation, and our team of experts is trained and licensed for the process.


Dr. Fields is both a licensed dentist and dental anesthesiologist so that his patients receive the best and most comforting care. Sedation can lead to a better overall experience for patients, and South Tulsa Smiles is proud to offer IV sedation dentistry to patients who need it most.

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The Difference Between the Cost of Oral Sedation and IV Sedation?

IV Sedation is less affordable than Oral sedation. However, it is often considered worth the cost when it comes to invasive procedures. Since many procedures can occur when a patient is sedated, it could be a cost-effective strategy compared to multiple visits without sedation. Give us a call today to discuss your sedation options!

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South Tulsa IV Sedation Is Beneficial 

  • Fast-acting to numb pain
  • Moderate to deep sedation so that patient is comfortable 
  • A safer sedation option

Fear of the dentist’s office is very prevalent. Often, patients are uncomfortable with procedures and with the poking around in their mouth. This phobia of dental treatment is a leading cause of loss of dental health. To combat this, Dr. Frields offers a stress-free, spa-like environment. However, sometimes that’s not enough to reassure patients anticipating discomfort during dental treatments, especially procedures like implants or crowns. South Tulsa Smiles offers excellent sedation options so that patients can have a pain-free dental experience.


A more conscious dentistry approach by using sedation has helped encourage patients to receive vital dental treatments. You have the option of receiving sedation if you need it when receiving dental treatment. This will ensure your time at the dentist is relaxing and effective and that you receive the care your teeth need. At South Tulsa Miles, we employ an empathetic approach to sedation dentistry so that patients can feel comfortable in our office. When it comes to major procedures, you can rest assured that you won’t have to experience pain or discomfort. Our team of experts is dedicated to giving you the best stress-free dental experience you’ve ever had. Many patients chose to have oral or IV sedation during a serious procedure. South Tulsa Smiles prioritizes your overall health, and our team will help you find the best solution for your dental health, whether that’s a fear of the dentist’s office or extreme nerve pain. Whatever the problem is, give us a call to discuss it with our team. Our leading Tulsa dentist office is here for you and your health.

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